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Wardrobe Essentials – Jeans, Dresses And Tops

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The summer is a time that we are all pretty much wary about, well, in major parts of our country that is. Summer is synonymous to high temperatures, scorching heat, unbearable sun and extreme humid conditions, which make us feel so sick and exhausted. And with the climbing temperature, it feels like we are soon about to collide with the sun and will be roasted alive for sure! In such weather, keeping up with fashion is a practice that needs to be mastered for when it we need to think hard every single day before deciding to wear something that is suitable to beat the heat that too in style, it honestly becomes very cumbersome.

But then you think of the flip side, the brighter side, and say that summer is the time when out comes all those pretty summer dresses which make us feel light and happy in bright summery shades. Summer dresses are generally pushed away somewhere in the dark corners of our wardrobes during the cold winters. But during summer, out they come bring forth the touch of peppiness and cool comfort that everyone seeks in all that they wear. Summer dresses can add the much needed coolness to our fashion during the extreme hot season. There are thousands of different styles of summer dresses that can keep you airy and cool thereby letting you enjoy outdoors in summer. But best of all are the floral prints – floral printed dresses are typically summery to look at and also one of the most favorite in a girl’s closet.


Ladies jeans are one of the best inventions in women’s fashion. Jeans are like our second skin. They are extremely practical and relaxed and need no ironing! Even dirt does not show much through them and everything washes out of jeans very easily, making them ideal for extensive wear and tear. Jeans also have an inherent attribute of their own which is a smart mix of modesty and sexiness, with a dash of simplicity. What was once crafted as work wear has now turned into the single most significant wardrobe staple for both men and women alike! The closet of a modern woman is honestly incomplete without a nice pair of ladies jeans. Much like dresses for women, a good pair of jeans is an absolute timeless outfit that is never going to go out of style or be regarded as outdated. Ladies jeans are perhaps more preferable to dresses for women because of their sheer versatility and comfort that they have to offer. There are many different varieties of ladies jeans which are specially designed to flatter the shape of every unique woman. Ranging from ultra skinny pairs to those perfect for the plus size beauties the styles to choose from are endless. Some of the pairs that you can invest in should be the ones that are basic yet versatile enough to complement all of your outfits, after a careful consideration of the color combos as well as looks that are in.

It is quite natural that women cannot go without looking to bring in more and more variety to their fashion collection, for which the need to indulge in buying ladies tops becomes a necessity, since ladies tops offer not just comfort and convenience, but also bring in the maximum scope to experiment with different looks. But the most significant thing about ladies tops is perhaps their superlative versatility. They can be worn to formal occasions and even to glam casual parties with equal panache or in that case you can wear them to any place under the sun. Simply team them with different bottoms like jeans or skirts or pants to look different depending on the place or event. It is absolutely true that ladies top are must have items in our closet for which other outfit can offer diversity this wide! Ladies tops are all available in varying sizes, lengths, shapes, patterns and prints which make them ideal for wearing not only to office but also parties, art exhibitions and even dates and brunches. While dressing up for work, it is better to go for the more simple and formal designs of tops for women which are apt for the formal work environment, but, then when you have that party to attend after office, simply add a statement necklace or accessory to complete the glamorous party look or just change into a bling top to set in the party mood.


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