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Picking The Right Salwar Suit

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Salwar suits are quite a rage these days. It has never lost its charm ever since its inception. Even today you see women donning salwar kameez with panache. With range of varieties available in the market, you can choose a set of salwar kameez matching your personality and sense of style.

True, there is no dearth of varieties in the market, but your decision to pick a particular variety should be well thought out. There are many things that you should consider before selecting a salwar suit for yourself. The first consideration is the design. The market is flooded with various salwar suit designs. All you need is some fashion sense and you are all set to buy yourself the most stylish itwomen available.

Patiala salwar suits come with a broad bottom and a short, fitted kurta. This variety is quite in demand and is popular across age groups. Starting from young girls to middle-aged women, almost everyone can be spotted wearing this variety. What makes this variety so popular is the comfort it offers and looks it imparts. The combination of a body hugging kurta and a hollow pant is so adorable that no matter what your vital statistics are, you can’t look odd wearing it. Even the bulkiest of women can carry off a Patiala styled salwar suit with ease.

In another variety of salwar suits, the bottom remains skin tight. If you want to look extra feminine, then this is the look you should adopt. Even though the bottom remains narrow, you can experiment with the kurta. You can opt for a little long kurta if you are not too fond of the short variety. However, if long kurtas are not to your liking, you can wear a short one without looking out of place. The uniqueness of this variety of salwar suits is that you can go for any length of the kurta, without looking unattractive.

Even colours play a major role in how you appear wearing a particular salwar suit. Although the colours used for the kurta and the salwar are selected in a way that they complement each other, you can choose to look a little out of the box by selecting contrasting colours. No, contrasting colours don’t look mismatched. They rather look appealing and unique.

Always choose the colour of your salwar suit keeping your complexion in mind. Don’t go for excessively bright colours if you are dusky. Such colours will make you appear darker. However, if you are fair, you will dazzle in almost any shade. Just make sure, you don’t overdo things.

When it comes to salwar kameez, the neckline of your kurta plays an important role. Deep necklines are very much in these days and can enhance the overall appearance of your salwar suit. You can also go for mandarin collars. But if you are opting for them, make sure the kurta is sleeveless. If you are not comfortable wearing sleeveless kurtas, you can choose long sleeves as an alternative.

By taking these considerations into account, you will be able to pick the right salwar suit for yourself. Happy shopping!

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