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Leather Jackets – Modern Fashion Statement

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Jacket on! It is a good time to make up your mind and put on the best of the jackets available to you. Have you ever given a thought to it, what kind of jacket really suits you? A randomly selected one or the old one that your grandpa purchased[…]

Organising a Fancy Dress Party

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  Fancy dress parties can be extremely good fun, and a way to put everyone at ease at a party right from the off. With characters to hide behind, and without worrying what people will think of what you are wearing, people will feel far less self-conscious and will instantly[…]

If You Want Men’s Jumpers Look At The Collection From Austin Reed

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With the unpredictable British weather it is virtually impossible to accurately plan what to wear for the day. This is where lightweight jumpers that you can carry with you, throw in the car, or leave at your desk at work can prove especially useful. During the cold winter months they[…]

Find Elegance and Comfort In A Blazer

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If you are trying to find the right compromise between something that is comfortable and something that looks smart, then a blazer could be just what you are looking for. Blazers are very common among sports that wish to maintain appearances as despite their smart looks, they are not as[…]

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